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Illiterate, improper execution of written work becomes one of the main reasons for the unsatisfactory final grade

To date, most universities in the country are provided with methodological instructions, which specify all the existing rules and standards in the design of Essay Assistant written work. If there are no guidelines, it does not mean that the student performing, for example, coursework should not take them into account.

Illiterate, improper execution of written work becomes one of the main reasons for the unsatisfactory final grade. The main thing to remember is that this is a type of written work, designed in accordance with the standards.

This type of research paper, that is, a term paper, can be provided both electronically and in printed form. In both cases, the following parameters must be observed. In printed form the https://essayassistant.org/law-homework-help/ work is provided on standard white A4 sheets.

Writing size - 14; for titles of tables of contents, sections font size is increased by 1-2 sizes. Example, the main text is written in 14 point, the title is printed in 16 point. The height of the letters should not exceed 1.8 millimeters. State standards do not set font style, but the default is Times New Roman or the second option - Arial. Each page has an average of 30 lines.

Margins: right - 1, left - 3.5, top and bottom margins of 2 centimeters; interline spacing is 1.5 by default.

All pages must be numbered, in order; it is not allowed to use Roman numerals for pages, only Arabic numerals. The first page is counted when calculating the total number of pages, but the page number is not indicated on it. Printed coursework must not contain any blots. Corrections should be filled in white.

The bibliography list is strictly formalized according to the standards. The name of each source begins on a new line. Official documentation is listed first, followed by information used from encyclopedias, then articles from magazines, newspapers; next, art sources follow.

Starting with the list of https://essayassistant.org/algebra-help/ fiction, domestic sources should be listed, then the keys where the Cyrillic alphabet is used, and then only foreign sources. Links to websites are indicated at the very end of the list.


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