The Red woodworking sandpaper rolls is specially designed to provide a complete set of polishing services for wood. And when grinding, will not produce blockage, conducive to heat distribution, reduce the load of sandpaper when grinding. The sandpaper roll is suitable for the diy process and can be cut at the desired length.


Coarse or lower grinding, such as 60 grit No. , for rough metal or wood surfaces polishing .
Medium grit no. ,such as like 80,100 and 120 grit No. can usually be used for fine surface treatment or general polishing.
150 and 220 grains, suitable for higher grinding or polishing requirements
When polishing the workpiece of irregular products, it is necessary to take extra care to avoid falling items and causing damage to the body.

It is suitable for wood, paint, furniture, instruments, plastic and other products polishing, such as construction industry stair handrail grinding, furniture work piece polishing, etc.

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